The Best Houseplants Safe For Cats – Top 10 Picks

Best houseplants safe for cats – Top 23 Picks In 2022

Bestseller No. 1
Basics Of Toxic And Non-Toxic Plants: Comprehensive Guide To Poisonous Houseplants: Non-Toxic House Plants Safe For Cats And Dogs
  • Cerruto, Lucius (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 108 Pages - 08/26/2021 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 2
Essential Houseplant Collection (4PK) Live Plants Indoor Plants Live Houseplants in Plant Pots, Easy House Plants Indoors Live, Snake Plant, Pothos in Potting Soil, Clean Air Plants by Plants for Pets
  • ESSENTIAL HOUSE PLANT COLLECTION: Includes 4 hand selected plants in 4 inch nursery pots. The plants in each growers choice plant box vary upon availability and may include a rubber plant, pothos plant, philodendron, dieffenbachia, calathea plant, ivy plant, croton, and/or snake plants.Product Dimensions 4 x 4 x 9 inches
  • LIVE PLANT DELIVERY: Order fully rooted plants for delivery prime today to have live house plants quickly shipped to your door. The live indoor plants in each plant pack range in height, often 7 to 10.5 inches tall.
  • EASY PLANT CARE: This plant assortment includes a low-maintenance indoor plant for nearly any space. Invigorate any dimly-lit rooms with these tolerant, low light house plants (excluding croton and dieffenbachia).
  • HOME DECOR & OFFICE PLANTS: Refresh any room with indoor plants for clean air. These versatile house plants live and thrive as wall plants in a hanging plant holder or placed on a plant shelf beside framed art. Real plants are thoughtful plant gifts for plant lovers and beginners alike, too.
  • PLANTS FOR PETS MISSION: Plants and animals make everything better, from simply raising our spirits to enriching our everyday lives. That’s why a portion of every Plants for Pets purchase is directed to our mission to help place shelter animals in happy homes.
Bestseller No. 3
American Plant Exchange Live Chamaedorea Elegans Plant, Parlor Palm Tree, Neanthe Bella Palm Tree, Plant Pot for Home and Garden Decor, 6" Pot
  • Parlor Palm Tree: The Parlor Palm Tree, native to rainforests from southeastern Mexico to northern Guatemala, is a small, compact, single-trunked plant with beautiful, arching, green pinnate leaves. Each leaf has 12 or more pairs of narrow leaflets.
  • Indoor Plants: Parlor Palm plants, also known as Neanthe Bella Palm plants and Chamaedorea Elegans plants, bloom with loose spiraled clusters of yellow flowers during spring if they get enough light. The USDA hardiness zone for outdoor planting is 10–12.
  • Easy Maintenance: Chamaedorea Elegans plants are easy to care for; the plants thrive in medium to bright, indirect light, with the ideal temperature being 65–80° F. A heat pack is also included for each plant if your region experiences cold weather.
  • Home and Garden Decor: Our Parlor Palm plant pot is perfect for windowsills, countertops, desks, and tables in your home or garden. The plant, which can grow up to 4' tall indoors and 5-6' tall outdoors, is also a great gift option for friends and family.
  • Health Benefits: Live plants purify the air in their surroundings and thus enable you to inhale clean, fresh air while also helping to boost mood levels. The plant is safe for both humans and pets.
SaleBestseller No. 5
American Plant Exchange Live Cast Iron Plant, Ballroom Plant, Plant Pot for Home and Garden Decor, 6" Pot
  • Cast Iron Plant Pot: Cast Iron plant, also known as ballroom plant, is a sturdy and resilient house plant with robust, healthy, glossy dark green leaves. The plant is famed for its near-indestructible nature
  • Indoor Plant: The robust plant, capable of tolerating a huge range of growing conditions, is ideal for plant beginners. The USDA hardiness zone for outdoor planting is 7–11 for this plant
  • Easy Maintenance: Cast iron plants are low-maintenance and easy to care for; the plants grow well in low light indoors, with the ideal temperature being 45–85 °F. A heat pack is also included for each plant if your region experiences cold weather
  • Home and Garden Decor: Our cast iron plant pot is perfect for windowsills, countertops, desks, and tables in your home or garden. The plant, which can reach up to 2' at full height, is also a great gift option for friends and family
  • Health Benefits: Live plants purify the air in their surroundings and thus enable you to inhale clean, fresh air while also helping to boost mood levels. The plant is safe for both humans and pets
Bestseller No. 6
Houseplants (That Won't Kill Your Cat)
  • Meeker, Kaysie Lauren (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 36 Pages - 09/16/2021 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
American Plant Exchange Calathea Beauty Star Pet Friendly Live Plant Indoor Outdoor, 6" Pot, Air Purifying Houseplant
  • This attractive Calathea houseplant has light and dark green feather striped leaves with deep purple undersides
  • Calathea are also called prayer plants because the plant raises and closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the daylight
  • Like all Calatheas, the Beauty Star is great for pet owners and plant beginners and they enjoy bright, indirect light, and evenly moist soil
  • This dog and cat friendly 6" pot is beautiful, low maintenance, easy care, pet safe,  and tolerates low light conditions
  • Houseplants make your home more beautiful, clean your air, boost your mood, help you sleep, and relieve dryness by raising the humidity in your rooms
Bestseller No. 9
Costa Farms Little Fiddle Leaf Fig, Live Indoor Plant in Cute Plant Pot Décor Planter, Fresh From Farm, Perfect Room Décor for Living Room, 12-Inches Tall
  • Is this a gift? Please choose "this is a gift" At check out to add a personalized message
  • EASY CARE! Water when top inch of soil feels dry, water once a week, allow water to drain. Never allow the soil to become saturated. Fiddle leaf figs are not meant for human or animal consumption
  • LOVES INDOOR LIGHT: Fiddle-leaf Fig grows in bright filtered light. Place near sun-facing window
  • ENJOY LIVING HOME DÉCOR: Adds life and design to your home, porch, or office. Height at shipping ranges from 18-20-inches tall – measured from bottom of pot to top of plant. Keep this plant for yourself or give as a gift!
  • SHIPS IN DECORATIVE PLANTER: Ships planted, fully-grown, in an 6-inch light-weight decorator basket or planter. These lush plants are grown by the horticultural experts at Costa Farms
Bestseller No. 11
Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator for Home - Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee - Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer - Carpet Cleaner Spray
  • CERTIFIED GENTLE AND SAFE Chlorine free and color safe. Safe to use around pets and children. No hazardous propellants, no residue left behind. So gentle it’s been Certified Safe for all carpets, earning the Seal of Approval by the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)
  • ELIMINATES STAINS, ODORS AND RESIDUE If it’s gross, it’s gone. Not just the stain, but the stink. From stinky yellow pet urine and feces to vomit and other organic spills, our professional strength formula tackles them all.
  • EVERY SURFACE, EVERY TIME For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, carriers, all pet living and sleeping areas—anywhere stains happen.
  • ENZYME ACTIVATED The key is getting to the problem deep-down. This spray contains natural enzymes that are activated on contact with odors and stains, feeding on ammonia crystals and organic matter until they are completely eliminated.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED An Amazon best seller—for a reason. If your stains and odors aren’t gone, neither is your money. We’ll refund it in full.
Bestseller No. 12
American Plant Exchange Live Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern Plant, Plant Pot for Home and Garden Decor, 6" Pot
  • Bird’s Nest Fern Plant Pot: Bird’s Nest Fern is a beautiful, lush, leathery-leaved fern plant featuring erect, spoon-shaped, bright green fronds that rise from a central rosette. This plant can grow on both tree trunks and buildings.
  • Indoor Plants: Bird’s Nest Fern plants, named so because the center of the plants resembles a bird's nest with flat, crinkly, and wavy fronds, look great when affixed to planks or hung on walls. The USDA hardiness zone for outdoor planting is 11–12.
  • Easy Maintenance: Bird’s Nest Fern plants are easy to care for; the plants grow well in medium to low, indirect light, with the ideal temperature being 65–80° F. A heat pack is also included for each plant if your region experiences cold weather.
  • Home and Garden Decor: Our Bird’s Nest Fern plant pot is perfect for windowsills, countertops, desks, and tables in your home or garden. The plant, which can reach heights of up to 2-4’, is also a great gift option for friends and family.
  • Health Benefits: Live plants purify the air in their surroundings and thus enable you to inhale clean, fresh air while also helping to boost mood levels. The plant is safe for humans and pets.
Bestseller No. 13
Costa Farms Aloe Vera, Live Succulent Plant, Indoor Houseplant in Premium Ceramic Décor Planter, Natural Air Purifier, Living Room, Tabletop, Office Desk Décor, Plant Lover Gift, 10-12 Inches Tall
  • LIVE INDOOR PLANT: Bring home a beautiful Aloe Vera to add a relaxing, calm feel to any space. Aloe houseplants are natural air purifiers that help keep your indoor air fresh and clean. Perfect size tabletop, shelf, living room, office, or bedroom decor
  • GREAT DECOR FOR ANY SPACE: Whether you're looking to spruce up your home office or add a touch of greenery to your living room, indoor Aloe Vera plants have a timeless appeal. Unique statement piece that instantly infuses decor aesthetic with personality
  • FRESH FROM FARM: Every plant is packed with care and shipped direct from our farm to your home. Aloe height is approximately 10-12 inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.
  • ELEVATE MOOD & WELLBEING: Plants make us happy. They give us life, fresh air and a sense of calm - all of which have the ability to lift your mood and improve your wellbeing. NASA studies show having plants improves mood, creativity and reduces stress
  • PLANTS MAKE GREAT GIFTS: Plants can be delivered to your loved ones for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversary, and housewarming. Enjoy peace of mind that every plant is well packaged, farm fresh, and ready to impress with your gift message
Bestseller No. 14
Lovely Houseplants Switch Carrying Case Protective Cover Hard Shell Travel Pouch Compatible with Nintendo Switch
  • Nylon surface +EVA shell + lined Velvet. Zipper closure.
  • Covered Nylon --- Good toughness, strong compressive capacity, high impact strength, high wear resistance. EVA shell: waterproof, dust-proof, wear-resistant, and strong. Lined Velvet: Elastic stuffed fluff can effectively protect the safety of the game console in the event of a drop.
  • Big Capacity. Contain gaming console, Joycon, and game cards, headsets, charging cables, and other small switch accessories. 20 thoughtfully designed game card pockets to store cards that are not easy to lose. It is recommended to wipe clean.
  • The storage bag is suitable for the Switch game console. Stylish and practical. Equipped with a comfortable and non-slip handle for easy carrying. Design with interesting patterns and colors.
  • Must-have travel essentials. With this safe protective case, you can take the switch to play games wherever you go. Excellent quality switch protective case, can be considered as a gift for game friends. We also have free pattern or word customization, welcome to consult!
Bestseller No. 15
Calathea Plant Live Prayer Plant Live Indoor Plant, Calathea Live Plant Live House Plant Live Plants Indoor, Live Indoor Plants Live Houseplants Live Prayer Plants Live House Plants by Plants for Pets
  • REAL PLANTS: Each order contains 1 variety of Calathea in a 4" nursery pot. Our decorative plants liven any workspace as an office plant and desk plant, or as a beloved houseplant. Enjoy live plants for delivery prime - order today, unbox fast.
  • AIR PURIFIER: These houseplants live indoor easily, removing toxins from the air. Growing air purifying plants indoor has benefits beyond their cleansing powers - they complement other green plants and low light house plants in your indoor garden.
  • PLANT DECOR: Our house plants live & thrive with minimal care, making indoor plant growing easy. Plant indoor in a plant stand or hanging planter & enjoy the beauty of living plants. Our small house plants are also easy to display as a window plant.
  • OUTDOOR PLANTS: Calathea thrive as an outdoor plant in warm climates. Display as a floor plant to liven up your patio, or plant in your outdoor garden with unique plants & other calathea, like a rattlesnake plant, a zebra plant & a peacock plant.
  • NON-TOXIC: If you have furry companions, you’ll be thrilled to learn that calathea is non-toxic to cats and dogs! Your pets will not be harmed by rubbing on, eating, or otherwise interacting with it — the only thing that may be compromised is the beauty of your calathea, so we recommend displaying your new plant out of reach of curious, high energy animals.
Bestseller No. 16
250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know: The Cat Guardian’s Bible
  • Newkirk, Ingrid (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 170 Pages - 11/03/2021 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 17
Survival Garden Seeds - Cat Grass Seed for Planting - Packet with Instructions to Plant and Grow Greens for Your Pet Indoors or Outdoors in a Container or Garden - Non-GMO Heirloom Variety
  • Yummy Grass for Kitty - Your cat loves to nibble on green plants. Keep them happy and away from your houseplants or your vegetables and herbs in the garden by providing them with plenty of cat grass.
  • Provides Needed Nutrients - Cats instinctively know they need chlorophyll and other nutrients in grass. Help your indoor or outdoor cat have a balanced diet with some cat-friendly greens to munch on.
  • Grow Now or Later - Plant now or store for future growing seasons. Will remain viable for years if stored in a cool dry location. Each packet has instructions for saving seeds so you can perpetuate your harvest and share with others.
  • Easy to Grow - Seeds are packed in a beautiful paper packet with instructions for successful growing and germination in your own home garden. Getting started is simple for both beginner and experienced gardeners.
  • Quality Seeds - Safe, non-hybrid non-GMO heirloom seeds proudly sourced in the USA for your family to plant and grow for years to come. Open-pollinated, naturally grown and selected to ensure the best germination rates.
Bestseller No. 19
Cali Kiwi Pros Complete Organic Cat Grass Kit: 4"x4" Square Pedestal Planter, Organic Seeds, Soil Pucks (Sea Foam)
  • A COMPLETE KIT: Our kit includes Wood Planter, Soil Pucks and enough Organic Wheatgrass Seeds for up to 3 plantings.
  • EASY & FAST GROWING: Our wheatgrass grows FAST! Ready within 5-7 days of planting. Cali Kiwi Cat Grass is easy to grow - requiring minimal watering, and thrive in a variety of temperatures and lighting.
  • NATURAL HAIRBALL REMEDY: Wheatgrass is packed with essential vitamins, which aids in feline digestion. It is also well-known as a natural hairball remedy for cats. Growing cat grass for indoor cats is a safer option for cats than munching on chemically treated lawns.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: The Cali Kiwi Cat Grass Growing Kit makes a great gift for friends, girlfriend, mom, dad or any cat lover.

Things to Consider Before Buying the best houseplants safe for cats

Now, when you do research prior to buying houseplants safe for cats, there are certain things you need to consider. Because these considerations come into play by ensuring that you do not end up with the wrong choice.

Finding the best houseplants safe for cats is not rocket science and doesn’t require extensive research. Some important features which you should look out for are described below.


While there are numerous brands on the market, the truth is not all of them can give you the features you may need.

We’ve done the legwork of locating the most reputable brands around for you. Choosing from these, you’ll be much less likely than going to a store and grabbing something without considering the brand and everything behind it.


Durability is one of the primary features which are important for most products. They don’t often have long lifespans and require replacement every now then.

Before you buy any product from the store, make sure you know about the material well. Sometimes, many people buy the wrong product even after spending a lot of bucks.

Why do they do that? Probably because they don’t know which material ensures ultimate durability.

You should always focus on the quality of a houseplants safe for cats before getting it. Make sure it’s sturdy and built to last.


Before deciding on a specific product, be certain that it has all the necessary features you require.

If you’re unsure concerning something, don’t hesitate to ask the manufacturer. That way, you can make the right purchase that provides precise results.


The quality of the product is an important factor. If you happen to get one with low-quality material, you will have a tough time trying to maneuver them.

Whatever you choose to buy, the quality should be first-rate. You don’t want to waste money on something that looks or feels cheap when what you desire is elegance, coziness, and style.


Cost shouldn’t be an issue if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality product. An inexpensive product often has great features, so you get great value for your money.

However, expensive products don’t necessarily mean to be of exceptional quality. We prefer to say you select something that fulfills your needs.

Ease of Use

People feel more comfortable using products that come with a straightforward process of use.

So, you should always look for the ones that come with an easy to use process. You can find different designs, so you should choose the one that comes with more convenient features.


It is always recommended to have a product with a warranty, however, it’s not compulsory. However, if the brand provides warranties for a certain timeframe, then certainly, it’s a favorable deal.


The product size is one of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing a houseplants safe for cats. You need to know what kind of houseplants safe for cats you want to buy that fits your need.

It is essential to buy a product that addresses your needs based on your product dimensions. Spending money on something you will likely need is a waste of money. You should choose a item that will meet your needs based on its power.


Many products with countless designs are available in the market. Some designs are redundant, and others aren’t as efficient. Make sure you know what you do and whether the tools you choose will help you do your job better.

Safety Measure

No matter how passionate you are about your occupation or work, your safety must always be a top priority. Since you’ll be using, make sure it has all the features that ensure the safety of the users. You do not want to experience any kind of accident.

Don’t just pick any brand, no matter how excellent, inexpensive, or available it is. Ensure that safety measures have been considered.


We advise not to buy products from brands that don’t specify the materials they use unless we’re sure the product is made with good quality materials. It’s important to be confident about a purchase before you make one, so when the materials used aren’t clearly specified, it makes us doubt the product’s quality.

It’s imperative to consider what material will work best for your requirements before you make an investment since you could find yourself wasting your money.


As you know by now, there are various types of houseplants safe for cats available in the market. You have to understand the pros and cons of individual types of products before picking the perfect one for your needs.

It is best to compare the advantages with each other before determining the perfect type.

Instruction Manual

Before you can utilize a product, often there are some fundamental guidelines that must be followed to get the most out of it. While some people may be able to just figure it out on their own, others may need an instruction manual.

Instruction manual is designed to provide you with information about how to use the product. The manual also goes over the safety precautions and explains how to recognize potential hazards. So you should buy the product that comes with an instruction manual.


When you are planning to buy any product, you will definitely think of its performance because nobody wants to waste his money buying a wrong product. So, check ins and outs of the houseplants safe for cats from user’s review, forums and expert people before you pick a specific model.


It can be frustrating when you buy something and then it turns out three days later that it is not what you need. With a little thought and effort, it is possible to avoid this by purchasing a versatile product that has multiple uses. You can use one product for many purposes.

You can also use the product in different ways, depending on the need at the time. In this way, you can also save money as you’ll just need to purchase the perfect one.


When you are planning to buy a product, you will definitely think of the accessories available in the market. Because anytime soon, it may cause damages due to unwanted accidents at any stage of its usages.

Some products also come in bundles, where they have a combo package of the necessary items that you may need with it.


Yup, color does matter! When you are planning to buy a Whole House Water Conditioners from dozens of models, you will definitely wish to get your desired color. As, color is the symbol of choice, aristocracy and represents your personal taste.

We have reviewed some of the best houseplants safe for cats considering this option of course.


A Whole House Water Conditioners is highly compact in order to have a high usage capacity. Compactness also ensures good portability and easy handling of a unit. Because if product doesn’t comes handy, you may face it tough to manage while using it.

After reading our buying guide, you will get the answers for the following questions:

  • How much does the houseplants safe for cats?
  • What are the benefits of a houseplants safe for cats?
  • Where to buy the houseplants safe for cats?
  • What is the best brands of houseplants safe for cats?
  • How long does a houseplants safe for cats last?
  • Does houseplants safe for cats comes with a manufacturer warranty?
  • Are houseplants safe for cats worth it?

Final Words

Selecting the best item from a group of choices is a difficult job. We hope that our effort in finding the best houseplants safe for cats has contributed something to you.

To help you make the right choice, we have included reviews of our top choices, a thoroughly researched buying guide, and a simple comparison.

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